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Intro to Hashimoto’s Diet Plan: Part 2 of 7

Hey, people! In video 1, Marc tells his story story. This video begins the discussion on the Hashimoto’s Diet. In it, Marc discusses why diet has such a big impact on the immune system and why it matters. Want to watch the next video? Click here.

Today’s Hashimoment: Living in the Moment

Hashimoments are affirmations and positive thoughts for people with Hashimoto’s. I started to write them because after reading research on the role of stress and emotions on the immune system, I realized how important what you think about and how you feel can be for your health. I think one of the most challenging things about having Hashimoto’s is having to accept that there is no end point in dealing with this disease. We can make tremendous progress in getting […]

Qi Gong Warm Up

Hey, people! Here’s a great qi gong warm up exercise that can be done as a practice all by itself. This has numerous benefits: 1. It gets your blood flowing. 2. It helps with lymphatic drainage. 3. It gives your energy. 4. It improves circulation to the extremities. It can be done before the main qi gong form, as a stand alone practice or as a break in the middle of your day. It takes about 5 minutes.

5 Keys to Improving Thyroid Hormone Conversion

As many of you know, all I do is treat Hashimoto’s and over the last year and a half, I have worked and spoken with over 500 people with Hashimoto’s. By far, the most common theme of these conversations is that they have normal lab results (this usually means TSH and T4 – to learn more about what are better tests to order read this post) and yet they have all the common hypothyroid symptoms. In other words, they are […]