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Marc Ryan, L.Ac. – The Five Elements Model for Hashimoto’s

Audio interview from the Hashimoto’s Summit, 9/18/14 Marc Ryan, L.Ac. interviewed by Andrea Nakayama. Hey, people! Here’s the audio and the handout from my interview at the recent Hashimoto’s Summit. I was really honored to be included among some other amazing guests, many of whom are people I’ve studied with and looked up to for years. Lots of people gave us very positive feedback on this interview, so I decided to post it here for you to listen to for […]

Today’s Hashimoment: Living in the Moment

Hashimoments are affirmations and positive thoughts for people with Hashimoto’s. I started to write them because after reading research on the role of stress and emotions on the immune system, I realized how important what you think about and how you feel can be for your health. I think one of the most challenging things about having Hashimoto’s is having to accept that there is no end point in dealing with this disease. We can make tremendous progress in getting […]

Golden 8 Qi Gong Form

Here’s a terrific qi gong exercise I learned from a medical qi gong teacher named Merle Morgan-Drennan. She is a student of master Hong Liu who taught her this form. His life story can be found in the book, The Healing Art of Qi Gong. It’s a great read. As the name implies this form has 8 parts. Each exercise has specific benefits which are mentioned in the video. Enjoy!

Hashimoto’s Health Tip: Low Thyroid Function

Did you know that low thyroid function is often caused by some other condition first, and often adrenal gland stress and blood sugar problems are the culprits? Translation? High sugar, high caffeine beverages (coffee drinks, energy drinks, etc.). These stimulate the adrenal stress response and cause serious blood sugar imbalances. Chronic Adrenal Stress Can: * Affect communication between the brain and glands that produce hormones. The hypothalamus and pituitary gland are the directors of hormone production and chronic adrenal stress can mess […]